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C&D Recycling Program

Every C&D Technologies battery comes with a lifetime recycling policy

U赢电竞竞猜Some companies claim to relieve you of the entire burden regarding lead-acid battery disposal and recycling, but under current law, no person or company involved can escape "cradle to grave" responsibility. The C&D Lead Acid Battery Collection and Recycling Program provides you with an environmentally safe, convenient and low-cost recycling option.

  • Lead-acid batteries picked up at your location and dependent on volume, taken directly to an EPA certified lead recycling partners.
  • No scrap dealers involved.
  • Partial truck load arrangements are possible
  • Fewer waste streams at the smelter means less potential for future liability
  • A certificate of recycling is available upon request
  • All recyclable battery components including lead, plastics and acid are recycled.
  • C&D is independent of the smelter operations and makes critical assessments of environmental compliance through our internal audit program.
  • C&D’s recycling partners have a RCRA Part B permit and are open to customer inspections/audits upon request.
  • C&D’s recycling partners are located nationwide

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